jinko solar-pg电子官方

jinko solar-pg电子官方

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energy costs have been on the rise for decades. going solar is an easy way to stabilize those expenses and decrease the cost of owning a business meanwhile increase corporate’s brand equity. backed by advanced r&d efforts, industry-leading results in third-party tests, and financial stability, we are one of the most trusted solar panel suppliers in the global market. jinkosolar is the best-selling brand of solar panels globally and a proven, dependable partner for commercial and industry customers.

how solar systems worksolar panels generate dc power when exposed to sunlight. they are mounted on your roof with racks and paired with an inverter or several micro inverters, which convert the dc power into ac power that your business can use. solar is the only form of electrical generation that typically has no moving parts and requires minimal maintenance.

where solar works the bestsolar works all over the country for homeowners, but it’s especially popular in areas with sufficient idled empty space, great sunshine, heavy power consumer, good local incentives. the more electricity you use, the more bill you save.

how long a solar system laststhe solar panels come with a standard 25-year power warranty, which guarantees that they will still be functioning at 80.2% of original efficiency in year 25, though data suggests panels will continue functioning well beyond those 25 years. very inexpensive third-party supplemental warranties are also available for additional peace-of-mind. the panels are very durable and are effective at withstanding heat, hail, ice, snow, wind, and salt mist. jinkosolar also has a strategic relationship with dupont, the inventor of kevlar, to ensure 100% of our panels are protected using extra-durable tedlar®, the only backsheet material proven to survive 30 years in the field.

savings from a solar systemhow much you will save depends on the size of your system, your current electricity prices, and local incentives. don’t wait too long, because the incentive scheme steps down over time and will eventually zero out.

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